Injection Molding
- Twenty-six molding machines, nine equipped with robotic part handlers, including a 3-color press with a rotary platen and 5 axis CNC robot. Machine capacities range from 28 ton to 260 ton clamping force with shot sizes up to 620 grams (22 ounces). Typical parts molded range from less than 1 gram up to parts measuring 516 ( Machines can accommodate molds with physical sizes up to 60 centimeters square (24" x 24").

Sublimation Printing - Two printing systems with automated part feeders and in-line bagging systems; two at the machine in-line printing presses; one universal press.

Pad Printing - Four pad print machines including a 4-color machine with a linear indexing table.

Painting and CNC Engraving - Spray paint booth, one table top CNC engraving machine and three pantograph engravers.